Hacienda San José


Grafting the past onto the present.

A partnership between Grupo San José and Domori/Grupo Illy, from Italy. One of a kind endeavor that has taken a generation to achieve: the rescue of the ancestral criollo strains that made cacao one of the most epicurean agricultural products throughout the world. Today, only 0,001% of all cacao harvested in the world is criollo, and we are market leaders in its production and expertise.


Hacienda San Cristóbal


The growth of fine and extra-fine cacao and the soft and delicate practice for achieving its most authentic flavors and aromas, has been our main objective.

Hacienda San Cristobal is a partnership between Grupo San José, Domori / Grupo Illy (Italy) and Hacienda Victoria (Ecuador) to rediscover and amplify the quality of the highest-grade cacaos.