Casa Franceschi

Casa Franceschi is a holding group of independently operated companies that share common focus on delivering high quality products and supreme customer service. Our core business is the sourcing of raw materials and trading to meet the food industry demand.

Casa Franceschi
Cacao San Jose


We have established state-of-the-art cacao processing centers, with fermentation and drying protocols that enable the creation of various sensory profiles and allows us to go beyond the standard.

Fair trade, sustainable development and community engagement are as much a part of our way of understanding business as continuous innovation.

Casa Franceschi


Aromacacao is a partnership between Grupo San José and Aromatic Cacao Holding, an Ecuadorian management group with more than 25 years of experience trading and exporting cacao and cacao-products in Ecuador.

Together, we have developed a strong relationship with Ecuadorian cacao suppliers, which benefit not only from our increased financial leverage, but also from our technical advice and accumulated know-how.

Casa Franceschi
CCID Trading

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica operates our international trading house that supports and finances the sourcing of raw materials from origin, and also handles and facilitates commercial service with global clients.

Casa Franceschi
San Jose Trading


After years of developing long term relationships with clients and partners in Europe, Asia and Latin America, we established a company focused on the North American market. We bring to play an unusual knowledge of cacao production side with an ever-evolving expertise on crops and foods trading logistics, as well as a dedicated and customized client service.